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OES Music

Welcome to the Oakland Elementary School Music Page!  

About the Teacher -

My name is Mrs. Bice, and I have been teaching music since August 2012.  I obtained my Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Mississippi May 2010, and my Master of Music degree in May 2012. I believe that every student needs to know the teacher cares for them, is honest, reliable, consistent, encouraging, and committed to helping the students succeed.  I strive to serve the community by teaching our children to sing, play, create, and appreciate music. Students benefit greatly from learning to sing songs and play instruments, as well as performing the music they learned.  Performing music for an audience is rewarding for both the audience and the performers I enjoy providing my students with opportunities to learn to read, sing, play, perform, and appreciate music. I believe these experiences will enrich their lives and supply them with memories they will cherish for many years to come.


My family - 

I am married and have one teenage daughter, one dog, and one cat.  My daughter and husband are also musically gifted! 

My hobbies -

Music is both my job and my hobby!  I am a member of the Memphis Symphony Chorus that performs with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, and I play clarinet in the orchestra at a church in Southaven, MS.  I also enjoy making jewelry, knitting, and making music on any instrument I have in my hands.  


D.R.U.M. stands for Discipline, Respect, and Unity through Music.
The D.R.U.M. Ensemble at OES is based on the group developed by Jim Solomon.  Students in 4th and 5th grade are eligible to audition to be in the D.R.U.M. Ensemble.  In this Ensemble, students expand on skills learned in regular music class, such as performing music on bucket drums, and both pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments.
The D.R.U.M. Code - students in this ensemble recite this code at the beginning of each rehearsal and performance.  It is my hope and expectation that the students will internalize and model these principles.
"D stands for Discipline.  People with self-discipline are stronger.
R stands for Respect.  People with self-respect make good decisions.  People who respect others make the world a better place.
U stands for Unity.  We work together. Say, "we" not "I."
M stands for Music!
D.R.U.M. stands for Discipline, Respect, and Unity through Music!"