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March 17th is a 1/2 day to start Spring Break! March 17th is a 1/2 day to start Spring Break! March 17th is a 1/2 day to start Spring Break!
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Oh, The Places You'll Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow!! Please meet our newest OES principal, Tyler Johnson, and Assistant Principal Zachary Portwood for the day. These students sold the most boxes of Worlds Famous Chocolate during the school's fundraiser.

Principal Tyler Johnson and Assistant Principal Zachary Portwood had the opportunity to eat breakfast and lunch with OES Principal Josie Currie. They were also given a list of job duties for the day which they performed very well!!!!!

            Character Storytime  by Barnes & Noble                                                                     Ms. Silas & OES students 

                  "if You Give a Mouse a Cookie"

Dr. David Rasner and his assistant, Heather Davenport, with "Go Girl Go" Program visited OES. They spoke to the 4th and 5th-grade girls about promoting physical activity, balanced eating, and self-esteem.

                                                            Mrs. Greens 3rd grade class had fun making Paper mache Space Helmets

Writing Wall Of Fame 

Outstanding Writers for February 4th & 5th-grade Students

Logan Boling, Brelyn Mathews, Madalena Baker, Calli McNabb, Adrianna Egbert, 

Jayden Johnson, Darby Self, Anthony Austin, and Mackhia Johnson

Mrs. Hudson's 4th grade  Star Academy class tested their Rocket Launchers.

They had to estimate how far their rockets would travel in space.

The winner's rocket was measured by length----------------------------------------------------->>>

                                                      OES  kindergarten & 2nd- grade teachers show off their Crazy Socks!!!!!!!!

                                                              OES teachers celebrating crazy sock day!!!!

Dr. Ford and Principal Currie taste the marshmallows to make sure they are super warm!!!!  Yummy!!!!

Rainbow Bracelets

Mrs. Woods 3rd grade intervention group is working on their place value skills.They are modeling using base ten blocks as well

as making place value houses. They are now ready to name the place, the value and say the number up to the thousands place.

Way to go 3rd grade!!!

 Mrs. Monti's 3rd grade ESL students are working on sorting Grammar Cubes into nouns, verbs, and adjectives. They discussed how to use each word in a sentence to help determine what part of speech it was.

Mrs. Guthrie's Pre-k class had fun trying to figure out who the good guy and bad guys were. They were able to dress up in their favorite superhero costume. Then they sorted out the villains and superheroes in whole groups.

                         Darby Self is a 5th-grade, gifted student who wants to be a Veterinarian when she grows up. She visited the Oakland Animal 

                                       Care Hospital to learn about the profession. She took a tour and met with Dr. Steven Galloway.

                                                                    It was a great learning experience !!!!!!!

Latest News

Principal's List and Honor Roll Student Selfies!

Principal's List and Honor Roll Student Selfies! Thumbnail Image
Students who received Principal's List or Honor Roll got the opportunity to take STAR selfies during their class celebrations! Students received a pencil, awards ribbon, free treat card, and a selfie! Honor Roll students took pictures with their classroom teacher and Principal's List students took pics with the principal!



Time: 9 PM – 10 PM
Apr 1